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Arlen J. Hurt of Specialty Appliances featured in The Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics

Reprint from Volume 1 Issue 1


Arlen J. Hurt, CDT, discusses various types of fixed retainers following orthodontic treatment.

The widespread use of bonded lingual retainers has been increasing, as clinicians and patients strive to retain post-orthodontic treatment results and avoid relapse.

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Dr. Marc Lemchen and Scott Huge featured in Orthodontic Practice

Reprint from Volume 3 Number 1

Revolutionizing the Impression Process

Dr. Marc Lemchen and Scott Huge explore the impact of CAD/CAM technology on dentists and patients

Newer digital technologies have a positive effect on an orthodontic practice. Specifically, 3D intraoral imaging as a replacement for taking traditional impressions and pouring models offers tremendous advantages for the practice and patients. A closer look at the overall work flow and associated economics also illustrates the potential impact that this technology brings to the practice. The three components of the CAD/CAM process are: data in (3D intraoral scanning), data manipulation (software), and data out (printing plastic models or actual appliances).

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Arlen J. Hurt of Specialty Appliances featured in Orthodontic Practice

Reprint from Volume 2 Number 4:

Improving Collaboration and Clinical Outcomes

Arlen J. Hurt, CDT, explores some clear aligner options and tips for making the right choice

Clear aligners are becoming a popular alternative to traditional braces as patients seek esthetic treatment choices. As consumers become more educated with regard to their orthodontic options, "anterior-only" therapy may be the treatment of choice for cases such as anterior relapse or minor tooth movement. At the same time, the total length of treatment is an issue, especially with busy time-conscious adults. For these cases, anterior aligners can offer a viable solution with improvements in as little as 4 to 6 months.

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James Bonham of Specialty Appliances featured in OrthoTown

Reprint from Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

Digital Impression Scanners and the Modern Laboratory

James Bonham explores the benefits of inter-oral scanning and collaborating with a digital lab.

From scanning benefits to workflow improvements, inter-oral scanning has become increasingly popular. Specialty Appliances is a leading digital lab that can accept your digital impressions and manufacture any orthodontic appliance from your scans.

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