Acrylic Designs

Please review the Acrylic Color Guide and Acrylic Decal Designs for available colors and designs.

Palatal Coverage

This is the most popular acrylic trim used in Retainers to give maximum retention and support. The palatal acrylic is typically trimmed 2-3 mm thick.

Anterior Bite Plane

Used to disocclude the posterior teeth or to put intrusive pressure on the lower anterior teeth. Anterior Bite Planes are used in a variety of appliances.

Posterior Occlusal Coverage

Used to disarticulate the teeth, Posterior Occlusal Coverage is seen in the design of many Functional Appliances and TMD Splints.

Horseshoe Palate

The acrylic covering the center of the palate is removed for greater patient comfort. This design is most often used in Retainers and Splints.