Acrylic Materials

Specialty offers the following materials for Splint fabrication.

  1. Clear acrylic is our standard for all splints unless otherwise indicated. Several of our standard designs use a two step construction technique with a template material first formed, followed by processed acrylic to finalize the occlusal scheme. These materials combine to form a clear appliance.

  2. Variflex® is a unique acrylic with dual hardness properties. At room temperature, Variflex® is a hard material similar to standard acrylic. In the mouth, Variflex® softens slightly to facilitate seating. In addition, the tooth borne portion of the appliance made with Variflex® remains flexible in the mouth while the occlusal surface can be processed with hard acrylic.

  3. Tooth shade acrylic can be used for any splint. Specialty has several shades of this material. Please indicate a light, medium or dark color.

Variflex® is a registered trademark of Great Lakes Orthodontics