Clear Image Aligners
Clear Image Aligners are used primarily to correct minor discrepancies in the anterior region by using a series of pressure-formed plastic appliances to gently align anterior teeth.

Why Clear Image

Why Choose Us

Practices often tell us about the large number of prospective patients interested in minor to moderate tooth corrections. They desire a simpler, less-costly treatment that can be completed in under 6 months. We understand this market segment and bring expertise to our customers and their patients with the amount of cases we've treated.

Case Evaluation

Focusing on limited treatment, Clear Image Aligners maintain a more consistent manner of tracking throughout treatment. One of the keys to success with aligners is case selection. We pride ourselves on customer service by having a dedicated team to assist our doctors in case evaluation.

What People Are Saying

"I have been using Clear Image Aligners since 2017, and I cannot imagine practicing without them. They allow me to detail the teeth more precisely than with wires, and the patients win by getting their braces off a few months earlier. Happy orthodontist and happy patients--definitely a Win-Win scenario!"
-Dr. Steven C. Ricci

Treatable Cases

Space Closure
Rotations Upper
Rotations Lower

Refinement and Retention

Refinement Aligners

Since patients respond with different degrees of success to aligner therapy, there are instances in which additional adjustments are needed to reach ideal alignment. Because this is not uncommon to need "refining" at the end of treatment, we offer refinement aligners to obtain the end result desired.


Guardian invisible retention system is the most efficient way to protect your patients' smiles for a lifetime. Patients receive multiple clear retainers and a printed model which can be used to fabricate in-house retainers if necessary.

Fixed Lingual Retainers

The fixed lingual retainer (FLR) uses a wire contoured to the lingual of the anterior teeth secured by a composite or mesh pad bonded to the teeth. Lingual retainers are delivered via Indirect Bonding using our dual transfer tray system ensuring a precise clinical fit.

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