Case Scheduling

We make it a priority to deliver quality appliances on time for your patients' appointments. To make this possible, we require a 10-business-day lead time and also need to receive all of your information (scans, Rx) together.

To meet your important deadlines, it's important we receive all your information at one-time. Your scans & Rx submitted together makes this possible.

Case Scheduling

Case Scheduling

Specialty Appliances™ has a 10-business-day turnaround time. "Day 1" is when we receive all items/files required to fabricate the requested appliance. "Day 10" is when you can expect the case to arrive at your office. It's that simple! To ensure on-time delivery, provide the desired arrival date for your appliances and the appointment date; this allows us to guarantee that you will receive your appliance before the patient arrives for his/her appointment.

Case scheduling for digital cases occurs during the case submission process in Specialty Appliances™ Customer Portal. See below for examples of how to schedule your cases in the portal!

Non-Holiday Case Scheduling: Count only business days - do not include weekends.

For example, if today were October 1st, you can count today as "Day 1" and with a 10 business day turnaround time, you can expect the case to arrive no later than October 12th! To ensure that the appliance arrives before the patient's appointment date, the patient's appointment should be scheduled no sooner than October 13th.

Holiday Case Scheduling: When deciding when to schedule a patient's appliance delivery appointment around a holiday, it is very important to remember that holidays are not considered "business days" and should not be included in the 10 day turnaround time calculation.

Using Thanksgiving as an example, a case submitted on November 9th will arrive no later than Monday, November 26th rather than the 22nd or 23rd because those days are not counted in the "10 business day" turnaround calculation. Schedule the patient's delivery appointment no sooner than November 27th!
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