Testimonials : Clear Image Aligners

“With the low price and ability to submit digital scans, I make a nice profit on these cases with little chair time.”

Dr. Richard Ingraham, DDS, MS
Corpus Christi, TX
Website: www.ingrahamsmiles.com

"When it comes to correcting minor rotations and relapse issues, "Clear Image Aligners" are the appliance of choice in our office. Over the last three years we have found them to be effective, esthetic, no hassle, cost efficient and patients love them. We highly recommend Clear Image Aligners by Specialty Appliances to all orthodontists."

Richard D Roblee, DDS, MS
and Jason M Landers, DDS, MS
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Website: www.robleeortho.com

"I think Scott Huge and Specialty Appliances have hit a home run with their Clear Image Aligner Service. I have known Scott since 1980 and he just plain gets it. He understands my needs as an orthodontist and has exceeded my expectations in his commitment in providing first rate aligners for minor to intermediate anterior mal-alignment correction. Frankly, I need an aligner that is simple, affordable, predictable...and works. And I need this from a company that is both responsive and responsible. Kudos to Scott and Specialty Appliances because their Clear Image Aligner Service is right on and they have hit the...Bull's eye!"

Raymond P. Howe, DDS, MS
Chelsea, MI
Website: www.drhoweorthodontics.com

"I have been using Clear Image Aligners for almost two years now for the correction of mild relapse cases and minor crowding where the patient prefers to forego treatment with bands and brackets. I have found Specialty Appliances' aligners to be extremely reliable and consistent in regard to tooth movement. After just a few cases, the predictability of treatment results makes recommending Clear Image Aligners as a new, cosmetically pleasing alternative a valuable addition to your practice."

Jeffrey Kincaid, DMD, MS
Woodstock, GA
Website: www.kincaidsmiles.com

"Clear Image Aligners are the perfect solution in our practice for those in-between cases when you need to tweak one to six anteriors and Invisalign would be overkill. Our patients love that we have an invisible solution for their alignment. And we chose Specialty Appliances for our aligners because we trust their results."

Bruce W. Hultgren, DDS, MS
and Michael Hoxie, DDS, MS
Eden Prairie, MN
Website: www.hhorthodontics.com

"I have been using Specialty Appliances' Clear Image Aligners for over a year now. I have had outstanding results. What I really like is the ease of use. They just need an upper and a lower alginate impression and a bite. The turn around time is reasonable and seating the appliance is a breeze."

David R. Sain, DDS, MS, PC
Murfreesboro, TN
Website: www.docsain.com