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Arlen Hurt, CDT, explores clear aligner options and tips for making the right choice.

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In 2007, Specialty Appliances introduced Clear Image® Aligners to the dental industry. Our extensive experience resetting teeth with a wide range of orthodontic appliances provides a strong foundation for fabricating aligners to ensure precise tooth movement. With thousands of aligner cases now completed and in-depth clinical feedback from doctors across the country, we are confident our Clear Image® Aligners will provide the case results you and your patients demand.

Clear Image® Aligners from Specialty Appliances are used primarily to correct minor discrepancies in the anterior region. Our system uses a series of clear, thin, pressure-formed plastic appliances to gently align the anterior teeth. By progressively repositioning the teeth on the laboratory model and forming each aligner to these new tooth positions, the appliances gradually move the teeth.

For minor anterior relapse type cases, up to four (4) aligners are used to primarily correct anterior rotations and spacing concerns on either or both arches with moderate interproximal reduction as needed. For mid-range malocclusions, we have our “Continuation” aligner service. After an initial Series 4 set of aligners, we continue treatment with additional aligners until the case goals are met.

See below for a list of items our lab needs to process your next Clear Image® Aligner case.

  • Clear Image® Aligner Rx Sheet

  • Quality stone models without any distortions. Kromopan or 100 hour-Algimax impressions may be submitted and we will pour them in stone.

  • For best results, please include the opposing arch when requesting single arch treatment. Sending the opposing arch helps the lab detect possible interferences during the reset process.If you have an an intra-oral scanner, we can fabricate an appliance from your STL files.

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