Company Info

Specialty Appliances is a full service orthodontic laboratory, producing more than 250 premier products. Since 1981, we have focused on developing and manufacturing top quality orthodontic appliances for children and adults. Our relentless commitment to first rate appliances sets us apart from other labs. Specialty is one of the very few US orthodontic laboratories to receive our ISO 13485 certification, ensuring the highest quality laboratory processes and products that your patients deserve.

Specialty Appliances is committed to research and development and always looking for effective ways to improve orthodontic treatment. This innovative approach has led to many laboratory inventions like the M4™ MiniScope® Herbst, AppleCore® Screws, ROC™ Crowns, Ratcheting Expansion Screw™, Rapid Molar Distalizers, Digital Positioners, Clear Image® Aligners and many others.

Digital technology is changing the orthodontic industry. Since 2006, Specialty Appliances has been recognized as the leading digital orthodontic laboratory. We believe there is more to “being digital” than just owning a 3D printer. Specialty is developing new standards for the future through strategic partnerships with innovative orthodontists and leading CAD software companies.

Scott Huge | Arlen Hurt

Scott Huge, President and CEO

Innovation is Scott Huge’s driving force. His trusted name and well-established reputation comes from that innovation and his belief in providing education and support with the highest quality product. After more than 30 years, Scott uses his experience and extensive research to lead in the orthodontic appliance field.

Scott established Specialty Appliances in 1981 in Michigan and moved to its current location near Atlanta, Georgia in 1983. Working closely with orthodontists around the world, Scott works daily with the development and fabrication of orthodontic appliances.

Arlen Hurt, Vice President

With keen technical knowledge and a common sense approach to helping patients, Arlen responds to the needs of orthodontic practices around the world. For more than 25 years, he has used his experience in all areas of appliance fabrication to bring solutions.

After graduation in 1983 from the Indiana University Dental Technology Program, Arlen earned his CDT certificate from the National Board of Dental Examiners.

Instrumental in developing the Specialty Appliance Herbst®product line, Arlen has the ability to listen, anticipate, and develop. In fact, he can make rough sketches become a reality. Arlen’s ingenuity constantly pushes him to bring the consistent product with unparalleled customer service.