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Specialty Appliances recommends Flow TainTM and Assure® bonding resin for use with our fixed retainers.

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Clinical Information

Fixed Lingual Retainers are delivered clinically using either an auto-cure or light cure adhesive system. The initial steps are the same with either adhesive system. The first step is to make sure the retainer fits properly. This is done by inserting the retainer while still in the tray in the patient’s mouth and checking closely with a mouth mirror to make sure the composite pads fit flush with the lingual surfaces of the canines. Once the fit is verified, the pads should be cleaned with acetone to remove any debris from the trial fit in the mouth.

For more information, please review Clinical Bonding with Auto-Cure Adhesive and Clinical Bonding with Light Cure Adhesive.

Patient Instructions and Home Care

Clinical Application of FLR's using Indirect Bonding

Here is a video that Dr. Bob Waugh put together to show the clinical application of Specialty's Fixed Lingual Retainers (FLR) using our Indirect Bonding trays.

Additional Information