Fixed Retainer Designs

Fixed Lingual Retainers (FLR) can be made for either or both arches. When requesting an upper FLR, please be sure to include a lower model as well so our technicians can check the occlusion for incisal interferences.


The most popular upper Fixed Lingual Retainer uses a .016 x .022 stainless steel wire contoured to the centrals and the laterals. Including the upper cuspids is optional depending on the available clearance with the lower teeth which are often in close contact.


Our most popular FLR design utilizes a solid stainless steel .016 x .022 wire contoured and bonded to the lingual surfaces of all the anterior teeth. The solid wire is virtually impossible to break and can be used for either the upper and/or lower arch.

Upper Or Lower - Metal Mesh Pad

This is one of the original FLR designs dating back 25 years or more. This design features small metal mesh pads on each tooth connected by a solid wire. In the clinic, adhesive is added to the mesh to bond the retainer to the teeth.