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Product Information

The GUARDIAN™ Invisible Retainer System gives you the ability to deliver invisible retainers the same day as the debonding appointment, eliminating the Retainer Delivery appointment and reducing the risk of tooth movement.

Included in the system, we provide you with a 3D printed model so you are able to create additional GUARDIAN™ retainers in your practice if the patient loses or breaks their other retainers.

Key Steps

  • Take a digital scan at the appointment prior to the debonding appointment.

  • We remove the brackets with software, print the models, and create the GUARDIAN™ invisible retainers.

  • You deliver the retainers and the printed model at the debonding appointment.

  • If the patient loses or breaks the retainer, have them use the backup retainer and schedule an appointment.

  • You can create additional retainers from their printed model as needed.

Turnaround Time and Shipping

Digital technology reduces the total turnaround time by as much as 5 days.

GUARDIAN™ Enhancements

  • Anterior Corrections*
  • Embedded Pontics
  • Fixed Lingual Retainer (FLR)
  • Anterior Open Bite FLR


Single Arch
Dual Arch

GUARDIAN™ with 2 Retainers



GUARDIAN™ with 3 Retainers



GUARDIAN™ with 4 Retainers



GUARDIAN™ Enhancements

Anterior Correction*

per arch

+ $40.00

Embedded Pontics

per tooth

+ $22.00

Fixed Lingual Retainer (FLR)

per arch

+ $56.00

Anterior Open Bite FLR

per arch

+ $54.00

Band Removal (pair)

per arch

+ $20.00

Wire Removal

per arch

+ $15.00

*Anterior Corrections - if ideal correction cannot be built into the single reset GUARDIAN™ retainer (approximately 0.25mm), we may suggest a series of Clear Image Aligners prior to GUARDIAN™ retainers. Clear Image® Aligner pricing is separate and depends on the number of trays required for ideal correction.