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What You Receive

GUARDIAN invisible retainers

Are made with industry standard Essix® material, which offers exceptional clarity and durability.

Essix® is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY Raintree Essix.

Printed Models

With the GUARDIAN™ Invisible Retainer System, you will receive a printed model for each arch when you order two or more invisible retainers.

GUARDIAN™ Brochures

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GUARDIAN™ Enhancements

  • Anterior Correction*
  • Embedded Pontics
  • Fixed Lingual Retainers (FLR)
  • Anterior Open Bite FLR

*Anterior Corrections - if ideal correction cannot be built into the single reset GUARDIAN™ retainer (approximately 0.25mm), we may suggest a series of Clear Image® Aligners prior to GUARDIAN™ retainers. Clear Image® Aligner pricing is separate and depends on the number of trays required for ideal correction.