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Specialty Appliances is a leader in the design and fabrication of the Herbst® Appliance. We work with clinicians around the world who specialize in treatment of Class II malocclusions using the Herbst® Appliance. These interactions along with years of experience have kept Specialty in the forefront of Herbst® development. Specialty has designed and developed the original MiniScope® Mechanism, the 4-part M4™ MiniScope®, and the AppleCore® Screw. We have also designed the shim crimping pliers along with the shim guides. We invite you to send a case to Specialty. See below for a list of items our lab needs to process your next Herbst® case.

  • Herbst Rx Sheet

  • Upper and lower models poured in Class I or Class II stone. Spacers can be placed after the impression is taken. If you have an an intra-oral scanner, we can fabricate an appliance from your STL files.

    Go to the Digital Getting Started Page to learn more.

  • Herbst mechanisms are positioned for an end-to-end relationship on Class II and Division II patients. Division I patients are positioned in a Class I molar relationship. Wax bites or lines on models will override the standard positioning.

For more information, please review our What to Send Us Chart in the Customer Service Section.