Testimonials : Indirect Bonding

"Providing an endorsement for the Indirect Bonding Services at Specialty Appliances may be the one of the easiest requests I have ever received. I have used Specialty for indirect bonding setups for 13 years. In short, their work is excellent and without compare to similar services elsewhere. For a brief period of time we had to use other labs for this service while Specialty was only focusing on lingual setups. While looking for alternatives we found that the experience with a host of other labs was beyond frustrating. Similarly we were swayed a few years ago to switch to a digital indirect bonding service enticed by the promise of increased efficiency and reduced finishing time. Not only was the process of submission and approving the digital setups for every case very time consuming, in the end the setups were very inaccurate and the tray designs far inferior. I could literally discern the difference between Specialty and the digital solution with my eyes closed by the feel of the trays upon seating. Specialty’s indirect bonding setups are extremely consistent and yield improved efficiency both at seating of the appliances as well throughout the ensuing treatment all the way through to retention. Feel free to contact me or my partner Shiv Shanker at www.westchesterorthodontics.com any time."

Dr. Alex Cassinelli
West Chester, OH
Website: www.westchesterorthodontics.com