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Supplies and Materials

Specialty recommends using supplies and materials from Reliance Orthodontics.

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Nearly three decades ago, Specialty Appliances began our labial Indirect Bonding services as an extension of our lingual laboratory operation. Since then, we have continually refined our laboratory process in the key areas of adhesive systems and transfer-tray fabrication. Most importantly, we have worked to understand exactly what practices require custom bracket placement. We have extensive experience with the major manufacturers' brackets, including the various pre-adjusted systems, ceramic brackets, and self-ligating appliances.

See below for a list of items our lab needs to process your next IB case.

  • Indirect Bonding Rx

  • Upper and lower models poured in stone. Wax bites are necessary only if centric occlusion is not obvious when articulating models. If you have an an intra-oral scanner, we can fabricate an appliance from your STL files.

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We highly recommend viewing the video featuring Dr. Bob Waugh demonstrating his Indirect Bonding technique