Lingual IDB Overview

Specialty Appliances has over 20 years experience with lingual laboratory services dating back to the CLASS system as originally introduced by Ormco in the 1980’s. With the adoption of Invisilign the popularity of lingual treatment in the US decreased dramatically. Clear aligner treatment seemed to offer the benefits of aesthetic therapy with a much less demanding clinical process.

Lingual however continued to grow outside the US as several dedicated orthodontists and companies made improvements in the critical systems including bracket design, placement and archwire fabrication. In Europe and Asia several lingual techniques evolved in terms of predictable treatment results with highly satisfied patients

Over the last few years, lingual treatment has made somewhat of a “comeback” in the US with advanced technology such as the Unitek I-Braces offering and the SureSmile Lingual technique. Additionally, the introduction of a simpler lingual system (Dr. Ron Roncone with the GAC product) has caught on with US doctors looking to address primarily anterior alignment cases.

At Specialty we continue to offer lingual Indirect Bonding services using several manufacturers brackets. Our highly trained technicians place lingual brackets to your prescription combined with our proven “Two Tray” transfer system.