The Specialty Appliance Herbst® Reference Manual

This comprehensive manual covers Herbst® Appliance design, clinical delivery and adjustments, patient and parent education and appliance removal. Any practice using or considering adding the Herbst® to their treatment protocol will benefit from this manual.

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Labial Indirect Bonding Reference Manual

The Indirect Bonding Reference Manual is designed to serve as a guide for practices that are considering Indirect Bonding. The manual covers key aspects of the technique and illustrates each step of the process showing current systems used for bracket placement in the laboratory and for bonding in the clinic.

The Orthodontic Appliances Reference Manual

This manual is written to provide a comprehensive reference source for all members of the orthodontic team. The manual includes 230 detailed pages covering more than 100 orthodontic appliances. Included are sections on appliance design, materials, equipment and step by step appliance fabrication.

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