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Product Information

We offer 2 outstanding Positioner materials - Clear soft and medium vinyl and medium flex Silicone. The vinyl material has set the standard for Positioners for years. Our silicone material is flexible for patient comfort, yet extremely tear-resistant for a long lasting appliance.

As an added benefit to your schedule, Specialty can receive your Positioner models (or scans) with the fixed appliances still on the teeth. We will remove the brackets from the working models in the lab, which allows you to schedule the patient for debonding and Positioner delivery in the same appointment.

Using CAD software, we can digitally remove brackets from your scanned models in order to potentially eliminate a fit appointment by delivering an appliance before the patient is debonded.

Appliance Enhancements

  • Air Holes - option of 3 or 5
  • Ball Clasps - standard placement mesial to upper 1st molars
  • Serrations - vertical cuts in the material to increase flexibility in posterior.

Trimming Height Options

  • Standard - trimmed 2-3mm above gingival line
  • High - trimmed 3-4mm above gingival line
  • Short - trimmed at the gingival line