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Printed Model Service and Appliance Fabrication

One of the many advantages of using digital files is that once we receive a file, we can print a plastic model and then fabricate an appliance for you. The following illustrates some examples of how the process can be streamlined using digital files. Please note that we can fabricate any appliance of your choice once the digital file is received. Note also that there is a nominal laboratory fee for printing a model to fabricate an appliance.

Herbst Appliance

Herbst appliances can be fabricated from a printed model. Choose from our many options featured in our Herbst Section.

Indirect Bonding

Take advantage of Specialty's well proven 2 tray Indirect Bonding Service when you send us a digital file. Once we receive your file, we will print the models and place the brackets. Then the transfer trays (soft inner and hard outer)are fabricated. If you prefer, we will inventory your brackets at our facility to reduce turnaround times.

Invisible Retainer on a Printed Model

Composite Retainer on Printed Model

Invisible Retainers and Fixed Lingual Retainers

We can also fabricate Invisible Retainers and Fixed Lingual Retainers from final intraoral scans. Simply image your patient with their fixed appliances still on and we will remove the braces from the model and fabricate the retainers of your choice. This way, there is no tooth movement from debonding the brackets before the retainers are ready.