Quad Helix

Quad Helix-Fixed

The Fixed Quad Helix is attached to the first molars on either the upper or lower arch. The .036" stainless steel wire is contoured to the arch with 4 helical loops to help stimulate expansion. The sweep arms are contoured to the gingival of the bicuspids and cuspids. The lingual extensions can be extended to the anterior teeth if desired.

Quad Helix-Removable

The Removable Quad Helix is attached to the lingual of the first molar bands with a specially curved MIA sheath. This special design allows the clinician to insert the appliance as it slightly rotates into place. The Removable Quad Helix also utilizes a .036" stainless steel wire for durability and strength. These specially manufactured parts are available in 3 sizes for both the upper and lower arch.

Wilson 3-D: Quad Helix

The Wilson 3-D Quad allows the clinician to insert the appliance vertically instead of horizontally. The .036 wire framework allows controlled expansion in the upper and lower arches. The appliance is easily removed when additional expansion is needed. The 3-D quad comes in six sizes for optimal adaptation to the arches.