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Specialty Appliances offers several types of active and passive retainer designs. We take pride in the quality of our wire bending and acrylic finishing. We offer a full selection of acrylic colors and designs. Please be sure to reference the Specialty Color Guide and the Acrylic Decal Designs when ordering retainers. We look forward to receiving a case from your practice. See below for a list of items our lab needs to process your next retainer case.

  • Retainer Rx Sheet

  • Upper and lower models poured in Class I or Class II stone. Some cases will only require upper or lower models. Both models are required if bite planes or habit cribs are added. If you have an an intra-oral scanner, we can fabricate an appliance from your STL files.

    Go to the Digital Getting Started Page to learn more.

  • Wax bites are necessary only if centric occlusion is not obvious when articulating models.

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