With the multitude of intraoral scanning technology across the orthodontic industry, these scanners can be difficult to operate without instruction. This page details the process of sending in scans from the 3M scanner.



The 3M™ True Definition Scanner give you the option to send your prescription sheet to Specialty Appliances along with the scans directly through the scanner. In other words, with the 3M™ scanner, you can:

  • Upload the prescription sheet to your scanner and send BOTH the scans and the prescription sheet directly through the machine.
  • Send your scan directly through your scanner & send your prescription sheet via the SA portal.
  • Export your scans and send both scans and prescription sheet via the SA portal.

Sending Scans through your 3M Scanner:

Add Specialty Appliances to Scanner: Before you can send a scan to Specialty Appliance directly, you will first need to make a simple one-time call to 3M to have Specialty Appliances added to your scanner. Once you have done this, "Specialty Appliances Lab" will then appear as a selection in a drop-down menu for each new scan.

  • Dial 800-634-2249

Exporting Scans from your 3M Scanner:

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