Carestream Dental

With the multitude of intraoral scanning technology across the orthodontic industry, these scanners can be difficult to operate without instruction. This page details the process of sending in scans from the Carestream Dental scanner.

Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental

There are two ways in which Carestream Dental scans can be sent to Specialty Appliances:

Send Cases Directly to Specialty Appliances:

This option allows you to send your scan and prescription sheet to us directly through your scanner.

  1. Establish a connection with Specialty Appliances (this is a one-time step).
    1. Using your imaging software, log in to your practice's CS Connect account. Search for Specialty Appliances or
    2. Select our lab and click "Add."
    3. We will receive and accept your connection request.
    4. Once the connection request has been accepted, Specialty Appliances will then be an option that you can select at the end of each scan.
  2. Sending Files
    1. Select Specialty Appliances from the drop-down menu after you've completed a scan. Complete a prescription sheet and attach it as an additional file to the patient's case in CS Connect.
    2. If attaching the Rx Sheet to the scan is not your preference, feel free to submit the scans only through your scanner and upload your digital Rx using our online portal.

Exporting Scans & Sending via Specialty Appliances' Portal:

This option involves you saving the scans from your scanner to your computer and submitting the scan files and the digital prescription sheet using Specialty Appliances' portal.

  1. Export Scans to Computer
    1. Locate the patient in your CS imaging software, click "Interoral 3D Models," and select "Export STL" from the panel on the left.
    2. Save the scans to your computer.
  2. Complete your digital prescription sheet and save to your computer.
  3. Upload both the scan(s) and Rx sheet files together.

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