With the multitude of scanning technology across the industry, there can be difficulty in operating them without instruction. This page details the process of sending in scans from the iTero® scanner.


There are two ways in which iTero® scans may be sent to Specialty Appliances:

Directly through the iTero® Scanner:

Add Specialty Appliances to Scanner: Before you can send a scan to Specialty Appliances directly, you will first need to make a simple one-time call to iTero to have Specialty Appliances added to your scanner. Once you have done this, "Specialty Appliances Lab" will then appear as a selection in a drop-down menu after each new scan.

  • Dial: 1-800-577-8767
  • Navigate the phone tree by selecting option #1, then option #2.
  • Wait on the line for a representative to answer.
  • Explain to the representative that you'd like to have Specialty Appliances added to your scanner. They may ask a few questions to identify you and your particular scanner but ultimately they will ask you to provide them with our company ID which is 10767.

Select Specialty Appliances:

  • When scanning a patient to be sent to Specialty, choose iRecord as your scan type, then choose Specialty Appliances in the Lab drop down-down menu. Choosing these options makes the scan available to Specialty Appliances via the website.
  • Once we receive your prescription sheet, we will search for the corresponding patient's scan. If you've selected Specialty Appliances from the drop-down menu, we will be able to locate and export that scan!
  • Forgot to Select Specialty Appliances? If Specialty Appliances isn't selected from the Lab drop-down menu while scanning a patient and you'd like to send the scan to us, you will have to export the scan and send the STL files manually. See below for iTero scan export instructions.
  • Note: Don't forget that if you send scans directly, we will still need you to submit a prescription sheet to us via our online submission portal.

Exporting Scans from iTero Scanner:

  1. Log in to your MyAlignTech account:
  2. At the top of the page, you'll see an "Orders" tab. Select this tab, then select "Orders List."
  3. In the "Patient Name" field, simply type in your patient's first or last name and hit enter. Click on the blue hyperlink code to the left of the correct patient's name.
  4. On the "Order Information" page, you'll see a number of hyperlinks around the middle of the page. Select the "Export" option.
  5. A model set will open along with an "OrthoCAD Export" box. Make the following drop-down menu selections and change the "Folder Name" field to the patient's name (no spaces allowed).
    1. Export Type: Open Shell
    2. Data Format: File per Arch (arches oriented in occlusion)
    3. File Format: STL
    4. File Size: High Quality (Large File)
    5. Folder Name: PatientName (No Spaces)
  6. Your computer will save all exported scans in the same folder; however, if you're unfamiliar with the specific folder on your computer that these files will be saved, click "Yes" when you're asked if you'd like to open the exported file's location. You may select "No" if you're familiar with, and able to navigate to the location on your computer that your iTero scans save.
  7. In the exported file's location, you'll see either 9 or 10 files (depending upon if only one or both arches were scanned).
    1. The actual scan files are the ones ending in "_shell_occlusion_l" (lower) and "_shell_occlusion_u" (upper) however the other files that download are useful to Specialty Appliances as well, do make sure to always upload at least the scan file(s).
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