Space Maintainers

Space Maintainer

A wire loop is soldered to a first molar band with the front section abutting a deciduous molar. The appliance will prevent movement of both teeth and maintain space for the unerupted tooth.

Space Regainer

The Space Regainer (pictured here on the left side) allows space to be regained after a premature tooth loss. The appliance has tubing on the buccal and lingual of the anchorage tooth, and a sliding spring with open coil Ni-Ti spring for the activation. The appliance is self- activating and must be monitored.

Distal Shoe

The Distal Shoe appliance (pictured here on the right side) is used when a second deciduous molar is lost prematurely and the first permanent molars are erupting mesially. The appliance generally uses the first deciduous molar for anchorage and a loop is placed in the eruption path of the first molar. A subgingival spur is then added for guidance. Please send an X-Ray for this appliance.