Testimonials : Specialty Appliances

“With Guardian, I don’t waste time with retainer appointments or tedious minor refinements. My patients get everything they need when appliances come off, even their fixed lingual bar. Nothing could be more efficient.”

Dr. Bob Waugh, DMD
Waugh & Allen Orthodontics
Athens, GA
Website: http://www.waorthodontics.com

"We have worked with a variety of orthodontic labs over the years but find Specialty Appliances to offer some of the most efficient services and with optimal quality. Our time chairside is reduced due to the excellent fabrication and fit of appliances. Specialty Appliances is a valued partner in our overall efforts to offer a superior product for our patients."

Michael Mayhew, DDS, MS
Boone, NC
Website: www.opsmiles.com

"I have been a customer of Specialty Appliances for many years and have enjoyed working with Arlen Hurt and his team. Arlen is an excellent manager; he and his team are eager to address my concerns and are excellent problem solvers.

I rely on Arlen and Specialty Appliances because they are knowledgeable about every appliance that I prescribe.

My overall experience with Specialty Appliances would have to be rated as excellent."

Lavonne K. Fore, D.M.D., M.S.D.
Rome, Georgia
Website: www.forebraces.com

"I have been working with Specialty Appliances for many years and would highly recommend them to anyone. Their appliances are state of the art, always fit and never break! They have great customer service, quick to respond, and have creative ideas to help design appliances for unique problems. Their service is so outstanding that we closed our in-house lab and use them for everything but clear retainers."

Dr. Al Bishop
Bishop Orthodontics
Edwards, CO
Website: www.bishoporthodontics.com

"I have been using Specialty Appliances laboratory for over 10 years. The quality of the work, customer service, and turn around time is outstanding. Whenever I needed help with the design of an appliance, or advice, Arlen had the answer. Thanks Specialty!"

Dr. B. Amer
La Crescenta, CA

"I have used Specialty Appliances almost exclusively since the year 2000. I have always found their quality to be first class and their delivery to be fast and excellent. Their customer service is exceptional and I have found their prices unmatched. Arlen and his team continue to stay in the forefront of technology and strive to deliver the best products and services available. I have recommended them highly for years."

Dr. Jeff Summers
Greenville, SC
Website: www.summersortho.com

"When it comes to class II correction, Specialty does the heavy lifting for me. With their Herbst and Rapid Molar Distalizer (RMD), my treatments are much more efficient and predictable. I'm no longer "the doctor that uses headgear”. Thanks!"

Dr. Marc Magness
Houston, TX
Website: www.memorialsmiles.com

"I have been a Specialty Appliances customer for over eighteen years. Their unparalelled quality and customer service has kept me satisfied and loyal."

Dr. Ron Anderson
Springfield, OH