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The Indirect Bonding Manual by Scott Huge takes you step by step through the Indirect Bonding Process.

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Submitting Your First Case

We welcome the opportunity to show you the numerous benefits of Indirect Bonding and demonstrate how we can provide this service to your practice. When sending your first Indirect Bonding case, there are several important items to review to assist us in providing you with the most accurate bonding set-up possible.

Impressions and Models

We continually emphasize the importance of accurate impressions and working models. Every practice strives for excellence in all impressions and models, but the precision fit of the Indirect Bonding trays and custom pad bases increases the necessity for 100% accuracy. We recommend a high quality alginate with models poured in orthodontic stone. Please review the accuracy of all models prior to sending to Specialty.

Reference Lines on Models

Unless done in the doctor’s office, we place a long axis line on the models for all teeth to be bracketed as a visual indicator to reference the vertical “centerline” of the bracket. The specific orientation of the brackets to the long axis may vary depending on the alignment references (bracket body, slots and bases) used by various manufacturers.

Rx Form and Delivery

The Specialty Appliances Indirect Bonding prescription form should include the doctor's name and address, the patient's name, the date shipped and the date requested for appliance placement. We generally require three working days in our laboratory for Indirect cases. When shipping times are added, many practices receive their cases back within ten days. On the diagram of the teeth, please indicate which teeth are to be bonded, banded, extracted, or not treated. Detailed bracket placement information can be specified, as well as instructions for fabricating and sectioning the transfer trays.


When enclosing brackets with your models, please place them on a sticky card with clear tape over them, or use a plastic bracket case that holds each bracket in its proper place. We are able to place brackets from any manufacturer; these should be sent to Specialty with your models and Rx form.

Supplies and Materials Used for Indirect Bonding

Indirect Bonding requires certain specific supplies and materials for consistent results. Examples include the Nola Dry Field assembly and the needle syringe used to apply an exact amount of adhesive to the backs of the custom pads.