What to Send for Lingual Cases

Section 1 - Contact Information

This section includes doctor and patient name, doctor’s shipping address and the placement date when the appliances are to be delivered. Please be sure to supply contact information (telephone and fax numbers) in the event we need to contact your practice with technical questions or delivery issues.

Section 2 - Case Information

Specify if the case is upper and/or lower lingual (many of our customers who use lingual on the upper arch have Specialty indirect bond the lower labial appliances at the same time). Note the bracket slot size (.018 or .022).

Section 3 - Tray Information

Please complete the section on Transfer Trays regarding desired sectioning of the trays.

Section 4 - Lingual Archwires

On the Rx form is a section where archwires are selected. Mark the appropriate archwires for the sequence required.

Section 5 - Bracket Placement Method

All cases should be noted regarding bracket placement as either a TARG or CLASS case. This designates the bracket placement system to be used.

Section 6 - Special Instructions

This section is for the doctor to communicate special instructions.