Wire Accessories

C Clasp

C clasps are used most often on Retainers, either on the molars or soldered to the labial bow. They are easy to adjust clinically and provide excellent retention.

Adams Clasp

Adams clasps provide excellent retention on all appliances. They may be purchased in a preformed shape or custom bent as required.

Ball Clasp

Ball clasps are extremely effective in appliances where the undercuts may be difficult to engage. The ball end is preformed in a small circle.

Arrow Clasp

Arrow clasps are constructed from .028 wire. The clasp utilizes inter-proximal areas for retention. The clasp is basically half of an adams clasp. It is best utilized on patients with severe undercuts when the use of a ball clasp will offer too much retention.

Delta Clasp

Delta clasps are constructed from .028 wire. They were first introduced to the United States by Dr. William Clarke, inventor of the Twin Block Appliance. Delta clasps function much like adams clasps, but they utilize a helix on the mesial and distal undercuts for retention.

Soldered C Clasp

Soldered “C” clasps are typically used on the buccal of the bicuspids as an extension from the labial wire. We use .030" wire and contour the clasp to engage the gingival undercuts of the teeth as shown.

Clear Clasp

The Clear Clasp was designed by Specialty Appliances’ Jordan Hurt. This clasp gives more surface retention than standard wire clasps, is our most aesthetic clasp. It is made from a unique material that is more flexible than most wire clasps.