About Specialty Appliances

Specialty Appliances is a full service orthodontic laboratory, producing more than 250 premier products. Since 1981, we have focused on developing and manufacturing top quality orthodontic appliances for children and adults. Our relentless commitment to first rate appliances sets us apart from other labs. Specialty is one of the very few US orthodontic laboratories to receive our ISO 13485 certification, ensuring the highest quality laboratory processes and products that your patients deserve.

Specialty Appliances is committed to research and development and always looking for effective ways to improve orthodontic treatment. This innovative approach has led to many laboratory inventions like the MiniScope® Herbst, AppleCore® Screws, ROC™ Crowns, Ratcheting Expansion Screw™, Rapid Molar Distalizers, Digital Positioners, Clear Image® Aligners and many others.


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