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Collaboration is key, and no lab does it better than Specialty Appliances. From expansion and distalization to fixed retainers and aligner therapy, Specialty is the lab you can rely on for all your modern orthodontic needs.

Collaboration is key and no lab does it better than Specialty Appliances! From expansion and distalization to fixed retainers and aligner therapy, you can rely on Specialty from start to finish!

Company Information

Full-Service Orthodontic Lab

Specialty Appliances is a full-service orthodontic lab offering customizable appliances and products to dental professionals across the nation. Founded in 1981, our history is built on the fabrication of all types of functional appliances, retainers, fixed- and removable-arch development appliances, indirect bonding trays, the Herbst appliance, and Clear Image Aligners. We are known for our industry leading quality, unparalleled customer service, and short lead times.

Specialty Appliances is committed to maintaining the same high-quality standards that have helped us grow while serving dentists and orthodontists for over 40 years. We can handle even the most difficult of cases. In fact, other labs refer their most difficult cases to our lab. You can trust us to get all your appliances done right.

Arlen Hurt, C.D.T.

Arlen graduated from Indiana University in 1984 with a Dental Laboratory Technology degree. Today, he has 38+ years of experience working and developing solutions for orthodontists. He is a sought-after speaker at orthodontic meetings who is at the forefront of innovation in orthodontics. Arlen invented the RES Expansion screw, Herbst AppleCore Screw, Mini-Palex Expansion screw, Leone Half screw, Herbst MiniScope mechanism, M-4 Herbst Mechanism, ROC Crowns, Rapid Molar Distalizer and various orthodontic appliances over the last 38 years. He is the 2008 winner of the NADL Harry Hagman Inventor of the Year award. He is a member of the Georgia Dental Laboratory Association for over 20+ years and has served on all board positions for the GDLA including serving as President in 2022. He has a passion for the orthodontic laboratory business and working with doctors and their staff to deliver the best treatment outcomes.

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