Customer Portal

The new customer portal allows you to enter cases, view case status, view statements and pay your bill on line with just a few clicks!

The new customer portal allows you to enter cases, view case status, view statements and pay your bill on line with just a few clicks!

Customer Portal

Access, Registration & Setup

Accessing the Portal

  • Access the portal by clicking the green "Submit Case" option in the top-right corner of any page on the Specialty Appliances™ website.
  • Bookmark the portal webpage in your browser for quick access!


Portal registration must be completed before logging in for the first time. In order to register, you must have an account established with Specialty Appliances™. To establish an account, please complete the New Account Form on our website. We will then contact you to complete your account set up.

(1) Begin portal registration by clicking "Sign Up" at the bottom of the login window.

(2) You will need your account number, email address, and office phone number to register before choosing a username and password:

  • Account Number: You can find this at the top of any invoice or statement that you've received from Specialty Appliances.
  • E-mail Address & Office Phone Number: Make sure that the e-mail address and office phone number entered here match the information on file at Specialty Appliances™ for your account. If you are experiencing issues with this registration process, please contact the customer service team at Specialty Appliances™ to confirm that the correct information is being entered.

Customer Service



Review Settings: Once registration is successfully completed, you will log in. On the home page, click "Account," then click "Settings."

  • Information about your account will populate, including general info, shipping address, phone number, e-mail, and billing address, based on the information that we have on file for you. Please review the information on this screen, make any corrections necessary, and select "Save Changes."

Submitting a Case

(1) Once logged in to the portal, click "Submit Case."

(2) Complete the information in the following sections:

  • Doctor Name & Shipping Address
    • Select the correct doctor and shipping address from the dropdown menu.
    • If there is a need to add a new address, please contact our customer service department.
  • Patient First & Last Name
  • Scanner
    • If scans are being sent to Specialty Appliances™ directly through the scanner, please specify the type of scanner used.
  • Rx Submission Method
    • Choose "Attached" if you will be attaching a Rx.
  • Requested Return Date
    • Please note, we have a turnaround time of 10 business-days.
    • Requested return date should be at least 1 day before the patient's appointment date.
    • For more information on case scheduling, click here.
  • Attachments
    • Attach files (Rx, intraoral scans, etc.)
  • Rush Shipping (if applicable)
  • Authorize and sign the case by clicking the signature box.
  • Comments & Patient Clinical Details
    • Please avoid using this section to relay appliance design instructions. Appliance design information should be added to the "Special Instructions" section at the bottom of the Rx.

(3) Click "SUBMIT CASE" to send the case to Specialty Appliances™.

Checking Case Status

(1) Once logged into the portal, click "View Cases." All cases sent to Specialty Appliances™ from your office will be visible within this module.

(2) View actions by clicking on the "Case Operations" icon (three horizontal lines) for any case:

  • View Details
  • Cancel Case
    • Only cases that are still in the "Submitted" status can be cancelled through the portal.
    • Please contact our customer service department to cancel a case that is "In Production."
  • Upload Files
    • Both a Rx and an intraoral scan(s) are required to begin fabrication.
    • Do not upload files for cases that have been invoiced.
  • View Attachments
  • Track Case
    • This will automatically open the carrier's tracking details.

Uploading Files to an Existing Case

There are various reasons why files may need to be added to an existing case:

  • All files were not attached with the original submission.
  • New scans are required.
  • Updates/changes to the original Rx are required.
  • The lab requests intraoral photos.

Upload files to an existing case:

(1) Click "View Cases" from the portal's home page.

(2) Find the case for which you would like to upload files, click on the "Case Operations" icon (three horizontal lines), and select "Upload Files."

(3) Drag-and-drop or browse for files (Rx, intraoral scans, etc.), select them, and click "Save."

Viewing Case Files

To review files that have been submitted for a patient, follow the instructions below:

(1) Access the "View Cases" option from the portal's home page.

(2) Click the paperclip icon corresponding to the case for which you would like to review files.

(3) When the "View Attachments" window opens, click on the file(s) to enlarge.

Daily Case Summary Notifications

Our customer portal now generates daily emails for two reasons:

  • New case submissions
  • Case shipments

In this email you will find tracking numbers for shipped cases along with notification of any "On Hold" cases.

Contact the customer service department at Specialty Appliances™ to add or change recipients of these emails.

Bill Pay & Statement Review

Specialty Appliances™ is pleased to announce that our customers can now take advantage of online bill pay! Additionally, your monthly statements are available for your review within the customer portal. Simply log in and select the "Make Payment" or "View Statements" options on the welcome page to locate this information!

Email Customer Support

4905 Hammond Industrial Drive
Suite J
Cumming, Georgia 30041

Phone: 678-513-4408
Toll Free: 1-800-522-4636
Fax: 678-513-7345

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